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About me

I am Julian Lo, an aspiring science communicator. I hold a Diploma in Mass Communication, which grounded my understanding of communication through real world experiences. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Philosophy because it allows me to understand both first and second order questions, enabling me to effectively communicate subject matters. I am considering a Masters in Science Communication to properly unify my understanding of the profession.

My resume and YouTube channel is available publically.

About Lahyte

No one is sure how to separate our real world identities from our digital ones. The general rule is to create an online persona, one which is separate from your legal identity. However, due to the digitisation of social networking (e.g. to be on LinkedIn for greater networking opportunities), it has become nearly impossible to separate your true self from the digital world without experiencing opportunity cost.

Lahyte is my online username. All of my digital content carries this name. It has no meaning nor a prescribed pronounciation. Feel free to assign it your own.

Why science communication

Science communication is the act of publicising knowledge. David Attenborough does this through his documentaries and books on Biology. I attempt to do this through my YouTube videos.

Science communication has many goals. One is to cultivate an informed public. Another is to assist in research projects or policy development. Its overarching goal is to improve the standards of living, to impact people's lives.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Nanyang Technological University because Philosophy requires an understanding of both first and second order questions. For example, in order to understand the Philosophy of Mathematics, one must first understand Mathematical concepts such as Axioms and then Gödel's incompleteness theorems. Then one can understand that logic may not be consistent.

Philosophy students do have transferrable competencies. We must be highly logical in order to do Philosophy well. Thus, we become employable because we demonstrate logic and by extension, competence. This is not unique to Philosophy.

I choose Philosophy because of passion. I am interested in many aspects of Philosophy, including the Philosophy of Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science. I am also interested in the Problem of Evil and the Gettier Problem. If I understand Gödel's incompleteness theorems and its implications, I will die happy.

Diploma in Mass Communication

My Diploma in Mass Communication allowed me to ground my practice through real world experiences. As a graduate, I am capable of working in any part of the industry, from traditional and digital production to journalism and marketing. My industry exposure in Year 3 allowed me to better craft media messages in a real-world setting. With this, I am able to communicate knowledge effectively.


The following is a selection of my works. The rest can be found on my resume.


YouTube is the platform and opportunity for me to practice science communication. The only way to gain competence is to first acknowledge your imcompetence, then practice until strengths develop.

Reports and presentations

I am interested in both contintenal and analytical issues. My informal works include gender inequality, Singapore's position on the Rohingya crisis and utility of beauty in urban planning. I took the opportunities presented in the classroom to explore and solidify my understanding of complex issues. Basing my comments on scientific research allows me to form conclusions that are relevant and actionable to Singapore.

Public relations

At Right Hook Communications, I supported the creation and implementation of PR campaigns. This included the creation of PR reports, media lists, press releases and media monitoring reports.

Social media

At Right Hook Communications, I created social media content calendars for clients and for the company's pages. I also handled social media influencer collaborations. I also produced digital content, including static posts for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and videos for IGTV and LinkedIn which boosted our digital presence. I also produced a short video highlighting the new tenants of OneRafflesPlace.

Project management

wabi-sabi was a student-led design agency that raised $740.00 for charity. During its run of 18 weeks, we established a brand identity and fulfilled client briefs ranging from web design to social media content production. As the account lead, I was responsible for internal and external communications and organising and documenting the agency's works while supporting my teammates' workloads. This position allowed me to develop my management and communication skills while supporting the designers in their duties through ideation and concept implementation.

At Right Hook Communications, I created business development proposals to aid Right Hook's development as a company. I also improved the company's workflows. This included the data scraping of journalists' information and scheduling of social media posts.


My human-centric photographs can be found here.

Media entrepreneurship

During my media entrepreneurship module at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, my team proposed a social-networking platform called Venture Bubble. It is a place to hold events from birthday parties to conferences and conventions. We proposed this idea through a business proposal and video pitch. Through this module, I gained the business perspective of the media world, thus forming a holistic view of the media industry.


My volunteerism commitments are on an ad-hoc basis. I give pro-bono tuition to friends and through Project Fireflies, a student-initiated project aimed at low-income students. I am also an active participant in REACH's channels.

My past positions include ECG talks with my secondary school, a recurring sub-committee member for Ngee Ann's FMS Society and Current Affairs Club, SWITCH's 2019 convention and Limitless' focus group.